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What You Can Learn From My Freshman Year

If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re an incoming college freshman. If not, then you’re just a very, very eager high school student. If the latter is true, sit down and buckle in buck-a-roo because high school goes by quickly and you really will miss it when it’s gone. If the former is true, congratulations high school grad! You did it.

Now it’s on to the big leagues.

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Graduation Gift Guide // For Her

Graduation Gift Guide For Her

For Her New Room Key • Needle Point Collegiate Key Fobs (Use code PENTEL at checkout)

For Her New Textbooks • Transport Leather Tote

For Her Dorm Room • Monogrammed Hanger Kit

For Her School Pride • Collegiate Bangle

For Her New Outdoor Campus • Pristine Sunglasses

For Her Internship Interviews • Double Pearl Stud Earrings (Use code APCODE20 at checkout)

For Her Water • Collegiate Tervis Water Bottle

For Her Memories • Little Gold Notebook

Signiture Purple Laugh

Graduation Gift Guide // For Him

Graduation Gift Guide: For Him

For His School Pride • Collegiate Gameday Hat (Use code PENTEL at checkout)

For His Funds • Leather Magic Wallet

For His Music • Beats by Dre On Ear Headphones

For His Wardrobe • Half-Zip Pullover

For Gameday • Collegiate Gameday Belt (Use code PENTEL at checkout)

For His Dorm • iHome Bluetooth Wireless Rechargeable Boombox with FM Radio

For His New Room Key • Needle Point Collegiate Key Fobs (Use code PENTEL at checkout)

For His Dorm • Collegiate Tervis Tumblers

Signiture Purple Laugh