Graduation Gift Guide // For Her

Graduation Gift Guide For Her

For Her New Room Key • Needle Point Collegiate Key Fobs (Use code PENTEL at checkout)

For Her New Textbooks • Transport Leather Tote

For Her Dorm Room • Monogrammed Hanger Kit

For Her School Pride • Collegiate Bangle

For Her New Outdoor Campus • Pristine Sunglasses

For Her Internship Interviews • Double Pearl Stud Earrings (Use code APCODE20 at checkout)

For Her Water • Collegiate Tervis Water Bottle

For Her Memories • Little Gold Notebook

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January Favorites // 2015

Holy moley it’s February. As in the second month of 2015. THE SECOND MONTH. Please take a minute to pause your reading and freak out with me.

Month 1 of 12 is gone. Done. I feel so old. (Says the 18 year old college First Year.)

Anyhow, here are some favorites of the year thus far:


January, 2015

First off, if you have not heard Uptown Funk yet, are you living underneath a rock? (Truthfully, I hate this phrase. Who lives underneath a rock anyway? A more realistic question would be “Are you exclusively watching Netflix in your bed for hours on end, completely disconnected from the world?) (The answer is yes.)

Getting back on track, Uptown Funk has been my first favorite of January,

As a Floridian currently attending school in Virginia, a good coat is #1 my biggest necessity. (And Hot Hands. Those are also a necessity.)

This one has been my go-to and favorite for the month of January:


Barbour Arrow Parka

Winter Annoyances:

1. Cold, 2. Wearing lots of layers, 3. Chapped lips

Alas, I have the be-all, end-all solution for chapped lips:


Dior Crème de Rose Lip Balm

Just one night with this is more than enough to get rid of any chapping for me! 10 out of 10 would recommend. Actually, 10000000 out of 10 would recommend. That’s a lot of good recommendations.

I’ve been using this site more than usual for birthday gifts this month and the coming month; I forgot what an amazing inventory they have.

Message me for promo information to get my ambassador promo code!

And finally, my biggest obsession:


Kate Spade Cedar Street Mini Maise Crossbody Bag

Just because I’m obsessed with anything small. And anything Kate Spade. And because this bag is perfectly simple and cute and the just-fits-everything-you-need bag.

Photo for size reference here.

And there ya have it folks. I hope you enjoyed the favorites this month!

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December Favorites

This month went by way too fast. This whole flippin’ year went by way too fast. If you’re a Christmas-a-holic like me, December is something you look forward to every year. And yea, I’m one of those people that plays Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorites of the month and holiday season!

Favorites Banner

Statement Earrings

Statement Earrings

I wore these for my boyfriend’s winter fraternity formal with a plain black dress + red lip and loved the outcome! I also have been loving wearing statement earrings like these to dress up every day outfits.

Get them now while they’re on sale! ($14.50)

Kate Spade Santa Hat

Kate Spade Oh Joy Santa Hat

This hat became my acceptable way to wear a Santa hat throughout the entirety of December. Though I bought it for the look (yes I do enjoy looking like Santa’s little helper), it kept me extremely warm throughout the month.

Barbour Jacket

Barbour Jacket

This jacket in particular was a favorite this December because it wasn’t too-too heavy. It warmed up a bit this month and this was perfect for the weather! Not too heavy, but enough to keep you toasty warm, this jacket is one of my favorite wardrobe investments of all time.

(Contact me if you’d like to use my ambassador code for a discount on this Barbour jacket or other Barbour styles.)

Urban Decay Naked Basics

Urban Decay Naked Basics

This is quite literally the only palette you’ll ever need if you like simplistic eye makeup. During December, I loved using Venus all over the lid without a crease color. (I could even use Faint to fill in my brows.) Pro Tip: For filling in brows, brunettes should choose a shade 2 shades darker than their hair color, and blondes should choose a shade 2 shades lighter than their hair color.

Glo Minerals Concealer

Glo Minerals Oil Free Concealer

Wowza. I made the switch from my Maybelline Fit Me concealer to this one at the beginning of the month and boy did it make a difference! I find this concealer to be much more brightening for under the eye. I also prefer light weight formulas in order to avoid looking cake-y. If you have acne prone or oily skin, look out for face products that are oil free!

Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace Black Iridescent

Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace in Black Iridescent

My hands down new favorite way to make a casual outfit look just a tad bit more fashionable. Check out my New York City outfit and see how I made a t-shirt and jeans look more put together than.. well… just a t-shirt and jeans.

Essie Nail Polish Perfect Reds

Essie Nail Color in Limited Addiction and in Really Red

My “perfect reds” for winter! Limited Addiction is a great deeper red that isn’t too vampy. Really Red is perfect if you want a nice, bright Christmas-y red!

Gingerbread Latte’s and Christmas Music

Though I normally stick to my plain coffee and cream, during December I loved getting a Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks when I wanted to feel extra festive. Gingerbread + Santa Hat + Christmas music = a good day. Follow my Christmas playlist on Spotify!

My favorite Christmas song is Little Saint Nick by The Beach Boys. What’s yours?

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