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What You Can Learn From My Freshman Year

If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re an incoming college freshman. If not, then you’re just a very, very eager high school student. If the latter is true, sit down and buckle in buck-a-roo because high school goes by quickly and you really will miss it when it’s gone. If the former is true, congratulations high school grad! You did it.

Now it’s on to the big leagues.

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Graduation Dress Round-Up // Whites

Well howdy there folks! Today I have a speedy round-up of some white graduation dresses I love! Recently my inbox has been bombarded with requests for white grad dress suggestions. Yes, bombarded.

In order to get this to you folks as fast as possible, I scurried to my computer, scoured the internet world, and then plopped on over to the blog. I feel like I’m racing against some sort of clock. On a game show. A game show for shopping? Now there’s something I could win. And Jimmy Fallon would be the game show host.

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